Happy to be at the dentist !

That's what we aim to do. Dentistry has been always taken fearfully . A visit to the dentist was considered as the most stressful meeting even if the procedures were the simplest. We, at Asten believe in delivering a customized personalized care to each patient through a professional way. So that the fear factor can be reduced to the minimum and the best of treatment can be delivered to the patient.

Smile! A curve that sets everything straight

Each of us desires to have that beautiful, confident smile. That's something we give away but we still gain. For a beautiful smile, we ought to have an esthetic set of teeth. We at Asten, believe in a building the best smiles though the best dental team . Whatever the requirement may be , we will have the best of solution for your dental concerns

  • Warm and professional environment
  • All the departments under dentistry with an edge for Pedodontics
  • Dental counseling and dental home concept
  • Provision for procedures under general anesthesia
  • Central sterilization department ensures thorough sterility
  • Diabetic care and other lifestyle dental issues
  • Technically sound professionals